Three Reasons to Hire Green Circle Cleaning House Cleaning Service in Kalamazoo

Effective house cleaning in Kalamazoo, takes a lot of time and effort throughout the month. The time and effort saved by hiring Green Circle Cleaning for your house, apartment, or office cleaning needs means more time for yourself, your friends, and your family. In this post, we will look at three reasons you should hire Green Circle Cleaning as your maid service in Kalamazoo.

You need time for what matters

Whether you need more time for business, a hobby, spending time with family, or just relaxing, hiring a green cleaning service in Kalamazoo means more time for doing what you love. Also, the freedom that comes with knowing that you don’t have to clean your home yourself AND being sure that the job will be done extremely well is sure to relieve stress and fatigue! Simply put, there are more rewarding things you can do with your time.

The best green products and equipment

The cleaning solutions we use at Green Circle Cleaning meet the U.S. EPA’s Safer Product Standards. Unlike products that contain harsh chemicals, our products are family and pet safe as well as being just as, if not moreso, effective at cleaning and sanitizing.

Besides using safe cleaning solutions, we also use sustainable cleaning supplies as often as possible. The cloths, rags, dusters, and mops we use are extremely durable and work great for multiple uses. Reusing cleaning products greatly reduces the environmental impact that comes with using paper products to clean.

Customized cleans available

Some green cleaning house cleaning companies in Kalamazoo do not allow for customized cleans based on your individual needs. Many companies only offer standard packages and schedules to choose from which may not be right for you. At Green Circle Cleaning, we have what is called a “Customized Clean” in addition to our other packages, where our customers can choose the rooms/areas that need to be cleaned based on individual need.