Spring has Sprung … Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Clean Your home = Uncluttering your Mind


Why do we just relate Spring Cleaning as a have-to-do chores around the house and yard?

The clutter in the corners, the stacks of mail and papers on the counter and the stacks of shoes can create more mental stress than just the physical mess.


Clean up your mind and your space this Spring! – We’ll help you start. 😊


Storage shelves, bins, etc. Trust me, they are worth it.

Garbage Bags

Storage Bins


Uninterrupted Time


Start with the entrance of your home, garbage bags and storage bins.

*Be honest, if it is worn out and not in condition to donate, toss it. If you are not going to use it in the current season, store it. If you don’t see ever using/wearing it again, try making some $$ by consignment or donate it to a homeless shelter, safe house, or charities.

AREAS: (Tackle one at a time)

Entry way/Porch: Shoe piles, Coats/bags, seasonal attire,

Kitchen: Mail, homework, appliances, knick-knacks.

Living-room: Clothes, toys, pillows, papers, books,

Bedroom: Piles of stuff on dresser, nightstand, corners.

Closet: Start left to right and address if the item is: 1) a keep 2) a storage 3) garbage 4) a donate



Clutter wreaks havoc on your brain by making it harder to focus and putting you on edge, according to researchers from Princeton University’s Neuroscience Institute.