Green Circle House Cleaning in Kalamazoo Discusses Spots in Your Home that are Often Missed

With spring in full force, many people are thinking about opening up their windows and doing some good ol’ fashioned spring cleaning. While most people have the intention of hitting every spot in their home that needs to be cleaned, there are some places that are often missed. In this post, Green Circle house cleaning service in Kalamazoo will highlight some of the more commonly neglected areas.


The concept of cleaning out the dishwasher may be foreign to some as it’s often full of running hot water and soap. Really, it’s not a bad idea to clean your dishwasher monthly. It is a hot and humid place that sees a lot of food waste, after all. An effective green cleaning tip is to run a cycle with vinegar followed by a cycle of baking soda!

Washing machine

Your washing machine is another appliance that is often filled with soap and hot water – but like your dishwasher, it can get dirty. Another green cleaning tip for your washing machine is to begin a warm cleaning cycle without clothes and add white vinegar – this should be done at least annually, but it’s even better if it’s done biannually.

Ceiling fans

As the weather warms, you’re likely to be using your ceiling fans. It’s no secret that the blades can become covered in dust that you can’t see because it’s above your head and on the upper side of the blades. No one wants to turn on their fan and have dust flying throughout their home (especially in the kitchen).

Coffee makers

You may have noticed a trend. Appliances that heat up and use water are home to a lot of bacteria. Your coffee maker is no exception and has the potential to be one of the dirtiest appliances in your home. Like the other green cleaning tips, running your coffee maker his hot water and vinegar monthly will go a long way in keeping it clean.