Get Happy with Green Circle Cleaning House Cleaning Service in Kalamazoo

While it’s mostly true that money cannot buy true happiness, it’s also true that spending money on things that give you more time for the things you enjoy actually can make you more happy. One of the more obvious ways to buy yourself time is by hiring a house cleaning service in Kalamazoo! In this post, we will look at results from a couple of research studies, that show this concept to be true.

There was a study done where individuals were given $40 over two weekends. For the first weekend, they were told they needed to spend it on a service that would give them more time to do something that they enjoyed and on the second weekend they were told they needed to use the money on material items. After the second weekend, the participants were asked which was a more positive experience and made them more happy. As you may have guessed, buying more time was preferential and created more happiness.

Another study surveyed thousands of people with varying levels of income and asked them whether they spend their extra money on things or services that buy them extra time and what their level of happiness is. Unsurprisingly, those who spent money on services, like house cleaning, were an average of 10 percent happier with their life.

So, what can we learn from this? Everyone knows that time is precious, and you can’t get it back once it’s gone. If you spend your money on things that provide you with more time, you are likely to be happier than spending it on material things that only provide enjoyment for a short time, if at all. To buy yourself some time for the things you love, contact Green Circle Cleaning in Kalamazoo today!