Green Circle Cleaning, Cleaning Service in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and Southwest Michigan

Hello and welcome to Green Circle Cleaning. We are very happy that you have chosen to visit us and are certain you will find our organization ideally suited to support your cleaning needs.

The Green Circle story is a simple one. Quite simply, we needed a cleaning service that was professional, flexible, and provided a very high quality of service. While many cleaning companies satisfied one or two of our needs, we simply could not find a service that satisfied all our needs. Knowing what we wanted to see in a cleaning service and imagining that many others would also, we created Green Circle Cleaning.

First and foremost, we designed our organization to operate with the highest degree of professionalism. This is displayed in a variety of ways that make the Green Circle experience second to none. From our courteous and friendly staff to our process confirmation check sheets, our service is designed to ensure a truly worry-free and pleasant experience.

We also recognize that flexibility is essential in today’s fast paced world. It is hard to predict sudden changes to schedules or unexpected needs; however, our service not only recognizes these challenges but will make every effort to satisfy these special circumstances.

Finally, quality is the foundation for our entire process. It is not good enough to simply “go through the motions” but instead it is essential that care and attention to detail be put into everything we do. As such, you can expect the highest level of quality when you work with Green Circle.

We look forward to serving your needs and bringing you the comfort and peace of mind that a clean space provides.